Boudoir - Rachel Holden Photography


This shoot is your experience. it is reflective and empowering. It addresses issues of self perception and value. It is a great idea to do while you are on top of the world and at your lowest. It is a therapeutic experience. I want these to be the best photos of you that you have ever seen. 

While I studied fine art at Millikin University I gained good experience working with the veiled and unveiled human form from drawing and photography classes. My 1 semester experience figure modeling helps me understand being on both sides of the camera. I am unmotivated to produce our cultures commercially perfect images. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each figure is uniquely beautiful. I maximize those qualities by concentrating on light on form, positioning, use of background, composition, and the principals and elements of design. We can add depth and communicate messages through your photos using documentation, photojournalism, and narratives.

This shoot may be done in your home, a mansion, hotel, airbnb, outdoors or a public place.  An in home shoot includes more documentary personal details. You can have more than one outfit change. We can go in many directions! I always have fun while shooting! We may listen to music, drink wine, fix your hair, and laugh. 

You are not alone while you do them, you're with me! lets slay, girl!

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