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Work With Me

You're not alone while we shoot, you're with me! You're keeping me company, modeling and helping me make my best shoot to date while I do my hobby!



After taking a variety of art classes for her Art Therapy undergrad degree at Millikin University, Rachel Holden took Intro to Photography: Black and White Film 101 and 102 her last year in 2010. Thus her photography career was born. Rachel is now known for her raw, honest, down to earth, comical, expressive, playful, slice-of-life images that authentically reveal each subject. She borrows perspective from her faith toward her subjects since she meets them “where they are” and makes “something” out of “nothing”. Her work is original and custom as a result of her endless creative curiosity and client co-collaboration. Types of her work include lifestyle, documentary, editorial, portrait and styled shoots. She has done individual and commercial projects. She has published work with Looks Like Film and The Decatur Magazine. Rachel has shown work at Millikin University and The Blue Connection. She volunteers her photography talent with the youth group at Renaissance Church down town Decatur. Rachel was raised in Harristown Illinois. Straight out of college she worked for Bella Baby Photography and Complete Weddings for 3.5 years. She has done free-lance work for 5 years with the last year being full time. Rachel does the majority of her work in Decatur IL and surrounding areas.

Artist Statement

"I have always been humbled by the human form. It is fearfully and wonderfully made. That is why I do portraiture.  I try to connect them to figure. No detail of one form is the same as the next. I ask myself, “What is the model’s story? What is physically unique? Where is the light?” My work finds itself by my navigation through the environment as we shoot. I look for what's there as opposed to forcing what is not. I take what you are and celebrate that. I positively manipulate the scene by prioritizing light and using flash for a non negotiable background. I use the camera for what its made to do. Show light, motion, colors, textures, and depth of field. I try to pull charisma out of my models and get a variety of personality, gestures and expressions. I request movements that create an organic line never to be in existence until now. Sometimes it's a task and not a stationary pose. I try to expand my portfolio by adding new content. Developing my bedside manner with a huge black camera is a social experiment while I combat any anxiety the models may have. I try to customize shoots with narratives, documents, and concepts. Rules are made to be broken, but not if you haven't finessed them first. I do this work bc I dream about new ways of using my camera, visually communicating and playing."                                                                                                                                             

Order of Operations


I communicate by PHONE and my work EMAIL to schedule appropriately, organize, provide customer service, eliminate confusion and complete our transaction in a timely manner. Its all for you baby! 


By *phone or *in person

Discuss photo styles, lighting, setting, wardrobe, hair, makeup, props, and set goals

Learn your ideas, likes and dislikes

Packaging Overview

Schedule the shoot 


Call to schedule 

2 appointments necessary 1.Shoot and 2.Reveal

Currently times to schedule: 

Any morning from 8:30 am-10:30 am

Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:00pm

Fridays after 4:30 pm

Sundays after 1:00 pm

Deposit due


The fun part! We listen to music and laugh.

Its all about you! Do what's right for you! Dress up or dress down, get your hair done, do your hobby and be yourself. Go for it! Your "mundane" individuality is the magic. Talk to me about it! I need to know!

Length of shoot depends on our project, age groups, daylight or permission for public space. Pricing is measure by time. 

Locations may be anywhere! Your home, studio, outdoors or a business. I love new locations.

Remainder of balance due


The best part! Meet at coffee shops/restaurants in Decatur.  

View whole collection

Ask questions about images, edits, and product

Ordering product by a la carte pricing

Payment plans available


I am a fullservice photographer so 


Pre and post photo consult

Location scouting 

A custom photo shoot

Professional printing options available by a la carte pricing

A design/print suggested collection

All successful high resolution edited digital images with release 

Up to 30 minutes of fine/correctional edits. ($40 an hour past that)

An online gallery for easy sharing and downloading access (usb for $30)

1 hour shoot is $450

2 hours -$550

3 hours-$650

6 hours-$900

12 hours-$1,300

**Excludes weddings. See alt. pricing**

To book your date I require a 50%. For immediate booking Venmo and PayPal are helpful and easier but will accept cash and check. Then we will talk your creative vision and get into the good stuff! The second half is due on your shoot date. 



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